Streaming Guide

Necessary Equipment & Apps

  • Functioning computer with a working ethernet port
  • High speed internet
  • Ethernet cable (WiFi does not have good enough upstream bandwidth for quality streaming)
  • Webcam (you can also use your phone as a camera, but that is outside the scope of this article)
  • Line in port OR USB audio interface
  • OBS Studio (Free Download)
  • Deejay equipment
  • Cord to connect deejay equipment to functioning computer

How To Setup OBS

This video is a great starter tutorial, with easy-to-follow instructions and solid recommendations for a variety of settings.

OBS Settings

There are only a few major settings that we require or highly recommend. Please apply these settings before connecting to perform.


Stream Key
Provided by SK


Video Bitrate
Audio Bitrate


Base (Canvas) Resolution
Output (Scaled) Resolution
Common FPS Values

If you have issues with your video or audio cutting out, you can lower your Video Bitrate to 2500.

You & Your Environment

  • Please be standing during your set if you are capable. People enjoy deejays that are up and active!
  • Please have a visually pleasing setup.
  • Your streamed video will be placed into an event layout and will likely be cropped or filtered in some way. Please do not include a lot of visual clutter such as a visual of the chat or other things that would not be appropriate for being placed inside another layout.
  • Please include your logo in your layout if you have one!
  • Please adhere to Twitch's Nudity & Attire Policy
  • Please have FUN!!! When you're having fun, so are the viewers!